Contents finalised

The contents list for The Best British Short Stories 2011 (ed Nicholas Royle) to be published by Salt:

Flora – David Rose

Winter Break – Hilary Mantel

Emergency Exit – Lee Rourke

Love Silk Food – Leone Ross

Feather Girls – Claire Massey

Foreigner – Christopher Burns

Dinner of the Dead Alumni – Adam Marek

The Swimmer – SJ Butler

So Much Time in a Life – Heather Leach

Staff Development – Alan Beard

The Rental Heart – Kirsty Logan

Notes on a Love Story – Philip Langeskov

No Angel – Bernie McGill

Slut’s Hair – John Burnside

Comma – Hilary Mantel

Moving Day – Robert Edric

Tristram and Isolde – Michèle Roberts

Looted – Dai Vaughan

When the Door Closed, It Was Dark – Alison Moore

Epiphany – Salley Vickers


About nicholasroyle

Novelist, short story writer, journalist, small-press publisher.
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6 Responses to Contents finalised

  1. Michel Foucault? Michel Faber? Micro Fibre?

  2. Em says:

    I look forward to it! Many names I do not know, so it will be a total discovery for me. If they are all of the same calibre as “When the Door Closed, It Was Dark”, I shouldn’t be disappointed.

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