More stories added

Further to the five authors listed in the previous post, we now have agreement from Christopher Burns (pictured), Alan Beard, Adam Marek, Lee Rourke, Philip Langeskov and John Burnside to reprint their stories from, respectively, the Warwick Review (twice), Riptide, Ambit, Five Dials and the Sunday Times Magazine.

I published a slightly stroppy letter in the Guardian Review at the weekend suggesting that Granta magazine could do more to support the short story in Britain. Their spring, summer and autumn numbers this year included hardly any British short stories. Plenty of short fiction from American and Pakistani writers, and no shortage of memoir, journalism, essays and novel extracts from British writers, but very few short stories. No doubt the winter issue will appear any day now stuffed with new stories by British authors and I’ll look a bit of an idiot.


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3 Responses to More stories added

  1. Jessica says:

    This sounds like it is going to be a great collection!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hello, just wondering when the next round of selections would be coming around and if there is a procedure to follow. Looking forward to this publication. Best, Catherine

    • I’m reading all the time, Catherine. The 2010 volume, which will be published in April 2011, will reprint stories first published in 2010, in books, magazines and newspapers – and on web sites – dated 2010. The 2011 volume, which will appear in 2012, will reprint stories first published in 2011. If you want to send copies of stories, please send them to me c/o Salt Publishing

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